Pilates 6 Month Course

£ 5 

For a limited time only purchase your Pilates 6 month course at this pre launch price. A easy to follow guide that will have you feeling the benefits in a few weeks. 

Course content:

 You will receive a ebook teaching you all about the principles and history of Pilates.

An easy to follow training program 1  for each month (6 in total).  Each training program has a detailed picture of the exercise a way to make the exercise easier and harder. Full instruction and guidelines. Warm up and cool down stretches aimed at improving your flexibility.  After purchasing this course you will recieve your Pilates Group information and ebook course.


This course is a step by step training program to have you progress from a beginner to advanced Pilates student. You will gain access to My Pilates Group and you will get help and support throughout your course. 

You will:

Improve your core and prevent or reduce lower back, neck, hip and knee pain

Strengthen and tone your abdominals, back, legs and arms

Improve your flexibility, co-ordination and balance

Get a flat toned tum and Pilates can help to give the vision of a slimmer waistline

Improve pelvic floor muscles prevent adult hood or pregnant induce incontinence

 Get a better nights sleep and a good sense of well being and calm. 


 Find out why all the celebs are trying Pilates as part of their exercise regime. Click on the headings in the menu for more information on Pilates.