Metafit Mum 8 Week Course

£ 20 

With just a few weeks until Christmas are you ready for my Metafit Mums Mission. This 8 Week Course is only £20

This program helps those who are unable to commit to class times and days, those that need to fit exercise in and around family life, a realistic approach to weight loss that will have you getting back in to your clothes, feeling fitter, improving your strength and tone.

This course runs for 8 weeks you get:
• goal setting consultation
• 8 30minute metafit sessions 
• 10-15 minute workouts instruction videos for youto do at home when it fits your schedule
• Pilates home Course to help tone your core, improve pelvic floor, posture and help strengthen your back
• access to a private group where you will be motivated each day with other mums
• simple to follow recipes that the whole family can eat, no calorie counting needed
• a range of snacks to choose from that are easy to eat for busy on the go Mums
• 1-2-1 support when needed


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