If you want to find a personal trainer that will actually help you reach your goals, then look no further.

Are you at the gym day after day, paying and sweating, with nothing to show for it.

Pottering from machine to machine using the same weights week after week.

Want to build a bigger, stronger, leaner body in just 12 weeks? 

My specific training plans do just that. Our first aim is to decide what level your training should begin:

  • You should focus on losing fat (cut) if you’re a guy over 15% body fat or a girl over 25%.

If your body fats too high, you’re going to build less muscle and gain fat even faster.

  • If you’re lean (a guy at 10 to 12% body fat or a girl at 18 to 20%), you can focus on building muscle (bulk).

The “sweet spot” for bulking is between 10 and 15/16% for guys and 20 and 23% for girls.

When it comes to building muscle and losing fat, you just can’t out-exercise a bad diet.

  • Eat wrong and you’ll stay fat no matter how much cardio you do
  • Eat wrong and you’ll stay skinny and weak no matter how much effort you pour into your muscle building workout
  • Eat right, however, and you can go far: rapid fat loss and muscle growth that will turn heads and get your friends and family talking.

And unfortunately, eating correctly requires little more than following simple nutritional formats or following food plans out of Mens Health Magazine or diet plans that allow you to eat foods you like while building muscle and losing fat. It involves learning about what works best for you goals and your lifestyle. 

If you want fantastic results in the year building up to 20-25 pounds of muscle for a man or 10-15 pounds of muscle for a woman if you are ready to commit to the following: 

  • You follow your trainer's guidance to diet strictly
  • You miss very few workouts
  • Your body responds well to weightlifting (some don't)
  • Take the necessary supplements to assist in your training. 

If you're ready then get in touch to book your place on my 12 weeks personal training program for only £140 

This includes a consultation including nutriton set up calories and macros, training program (depending on goals and current stats maybe 3 split session or 5 split sessions), weekly nutrition coaching, food plans if necessary and 2 follow up review sessions to record your progress to ensure you're pushing your body to the max.  

Guaranteed results to double your strength in  12 weeks, lose 5%  body fat and build muscle 5pounds of muscle (depending on your current stats results may vary.)

Book your place here now: 

Weight Training 12 Week Program

£ 140 

Consultation- including nutrition set up calories and macros

Training Program set up (3-5 split sessions depending on goals)

2 Follow up Review Sessions

Weekly Nutriton Coaching 


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