Do you have a holiday coming up but dreading getting showing your rolls to the world? 

Fancy loosing inches of fat and dropping pounds of the scales?

Are you fed up of "diet" foods and want to know how to cook tasty, easy to cook meals that the whole family can enjoy? 

Do you need a simple to follow plan that includes workouts at home no scheduled training days just to train on days when it suits you? 


Then do not miss out. This program is only for 10 people, it’s about quality not quantity. See my results above? This was only after week two. I’m that impressed that I want 10 other people to join me on my last 4 weeks on this plan. Here's what you will receive:


·         Online Personal Training Support every day for 4 weeks so that I can help you to stay motivated and tackle any barriers you may face

·         A step by step guide that only requires half hour out of your day to train and fill out food diaries so that you can spend more time with your family and friends

·         A Specific food plan created for your calorie and macro nutrient needs for weight loss so that you know what you need to eat and when

      Be added to a  private facebook page so you can meet other people who are on the online course, share your experience and your results

·         A training schedule for the length of the course with detailed descriptions of home workouts that require no equipment so you can tone your body and get rid of those wobbly bits



·         Easy to follow recipes with plenty of choice so you can choose meals that suit you and your busy schedule but most importantly have you losing weight fast!


 Only 10 Places Available Join Me Today

Beach Body Diet

£ 40 

  I am also offering The Beach Bikini Diet with Group Personal Training WHICH COMES WITH 6 WEEKS COACHING AND TRAINING!! from as little as £15 a week recieve 1 Personal Training beasting session to maximise results. 

Beach Bikini Diet with Personal Training

£ 99 

6 Week Course

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Food Plan showing breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas

6 week training guide- complete with warm up, bodyweight cardio session, resistance training, pilates and a cool down stretch

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