Stressed, over worked, fed up with life?

Are your arms and belly like jelly?

Are those wobbly bits driving you mad?

Finding your summer clothes feeling a bit tight? 

Trying your best at the gym but just not getting those results?

Boxercise is the latest and best exercise to empower women and get men back into the studio. The workout uses the entire body. Cardiovascularly you burn more calories in an hour than using a stairclimber. You use your whole body your arms, your legs and the time flies as you work on body movement, agility and momentum.

Book your place now as limited places apply 5-6pm Cheshire Martial Arts Centre and is only £30:

8 Week Sugar Rae Boxing Challenge

£ 30 

Our Sugar Rae Boxing Challenge 


Course details:

Progress from a Novice to Pro in 8 weeks

Get fitter with endurance and speed work 

Get stronger with strength and conditioning 

Learn boxing skills, drills and combinations

Learn how to correctly hold the pads and be a coach

Fancy Personal Boxing Training 


 30 minute session £15

45 minute session £20

Boxercise or Thai Boxing course

1 month 1-2-1 course £99

8 week course train once a week for 1 hour sessions £199


Tuesday 7-8pm £15 for one month course

Sundays 5-6pm £30 for 8 week course

Or £5 per session

You can train in groups to save money, train at Pure Gym, my location or your own home. Train to be a competitor or simply lose weight!

Book your place as their is limited spaces. See sub heading Boxercise BootCamp

Client testimonials:

Mel Jackson "I have now been learning kick boxing with Nic for a few months. My fitness and strenght has improved dramatically.  Soon enough I will be entering competition in local Inter Club competitions. Doing kick boxing also helps me outside of the gym to. I know feel a lot more confident when out at night. If the unfortunate should I happen I know I could defend myself. I would highly recomemend this to anyone wanting to try something new, its a fun way to workout"

Tom Ellis " Before trying out Boxercise I hated the gym, lifting weights and endless minutes on the treadmill never got me the results I wanted. After starting a 6 week Boxercise course with Nicola I lost 7lbs and felt my fitness improve dramatically  I look forward to my sessions as I know each one will have me sweating and hurting. But its worth it with the results I'm getting. I know have lost nearly a stone and still counting. Thanks for all your help and support!"

Why Boxercise?

  • For men and women of all abilities
  • Relieve Stress
  • Learn new skills
  • A full body workout like no other
  • Burn 100s of calories as you have fun
  •  Involves pad work, cardio workout, circuits, plyometrics and body weight exercises
  • A great way to lose weight, tone up, increase strength and improve fitness

Personal Training sessions and Group   

See subheading for Boxercise BootCamps