The Caveman Power Diet

The Caveman Power Diet increases energy, the ability to burn fat, and gets you in touch with your natural instincts. It's not just a way to lose weight, it's a healthy approach to making your body indestructable.

Doing the the Caveman Power Diet is a very natural state for your body to be in, and you will feel the results immediately. Embrace it for what it is; animal motivation. It is a very open do-it-yourself diet, that encourages you to feel content in a way that suits you personally.

The Caveman Power Diet gives you the freedom to enjoy food to the fullest, which is the most basic of animal instincts. So go ahead and feast yourself!

 The paleo diet is commonly referred to as the caveman diet due to the fact that while on the paleo diet, you’ll eat the same foods that caveman eat. The paleo diet is also so simple that “a caveman could do it.”

Regardless of the origin of the name, the caveman diet has many of the same principles as the paleo diet. It’s focused primarily on eating higher quantities of real, unprocessed,  non-packaged food that cavemen could have eating thousands of years ago, before Safeway, Walmart and all of the other mega-super-duper-grocery stores we have available in today’s world. Here are the basics to lose weight fast with this simple diet:


Meat, Eggs, Vegetables with limited quantities of fruits and nuts. if it has less than 5 ingredients, it’s probably considered “real” food.

Don’t Eat

Grains, dairy, processed foods and sugars.

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself “could a caveman eat this?” If it’s packaged in a bag or can sit on the shelf for more than a year straight, it’s probably not on the caveman diet – sorry! 

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