Be part of something amazing this year. Help Rae of Fitness BootCamp to raise money for North West Children's Charities. You will take part in an eventful day of Crocky Trail madness and a full day of Boot Camp.

This event has now took place. We raised over £1000 for these charities. WELL DONE TEAM BOOTCAMP!

Make your way along the mile long trail, turn a corner and run up a hill to be face with Crocky Trails uniques and challenging obstacles that include mazes, rope swings, slides and the tunnel of doom! If that wasn't enough why not take part in 4 Boot camp sessions along the way with your Personal Trainer Nicola Rae with help of fellow trainers. 

Get your friends and family to sponsor you or to join you (over 16's only) There will be a prize for whoever raises the most sponsorship money. So get collecting now!