30 Days of Xmas Fast Fat Loss

£ 15 


  • A home workout guide with 30 different 30 workouts
  • A recipe book with over 90 fat melting recipes, 30 breakfast, 30 lunches, 30 dinners to choose from
  • Fast fat loss manual
  • Personal online support
  • FREE 30 day bootcamp membership

Do you often put a few pounds on during the Festive Period and make a unsuccessful attempt at having a new year resolution to lose weight, get fitter and more toned? Then why not order yourself this fantastic 30 DAYS OF XMAS FAST FAT LOSS COURSE. You receive 30 different 30 minute workouts to complete at home. Take the guess work out of healthy eating and have a recipe book packed with over 90 recipes of fat melting, easy to prepare and delicious recipes for the whole family to enjoy. One member lost 2 stone and he continued to lose a total of 5 stone after 4 months by carrying on with the program. No gym equipment is needed, just motivation and determination to succeed. Your receive FREE support throughout your course to ensure you stay on track. This course is only £15 that's a 50p a day to achieve your New Years resolution of get fitter, slimmer and stronger for the New Year. BEST SELLING XMAS COURSE ONLY 30 TO BE SOLD!  

New Year New You Sprint

£ 99 

6 week course includes:

  • 1/2 hour personal training each week
  • FREE weekly nutrition course
  • FREE weekly home or gym training programs
  • FREE 7 day detox
  • FREE food plan

Want to lose up to 1/2 a stone in 6 weeks? Why not choose this NEW YEAR NEW YOU SPRINT course which includes a 6 1/2 Personal Training sessions, FREE bootcamp place, FREE food plan to follow, FREE weekly nutrition coaching, FREE  7 day detox, FREE weekly home or gym workouts. This course is available for home and gym training. All for only £99   

New Year New You Beast

£ 299 

12 week course includes:

  • 1 hour Personal Training each week
  • FREE training programs 
  • FREE food plan
  • FREE 7 day detox
  • FREE nutrition coaching
  • FREE recipe cookbook

Why not start the new year with a bang and blow those fat pounds away? You can expect to improve your fitness, increase your muscle tone/strength and have the weight falling off. Forget feeling bloated and squeezing in tightly to your clothes. This course will have you feeling fantastic by the end of the 12 weeks with people losing up to a stone with this course.  NEW YEAR NEW YOU SUPER 12 week course which includes 12 1 hour Personal Training sessions, 2 FREE bootcamp places, FREE food plan to follow, FREE 7 day detox, FREE recipe cookbook, FREE weekly nutrition coaching, FREE weekly home or gym workouts. You will get educated on what structure is most successful to change your life for the better. This course is available for home and gym training and is £299 

New Year New You Super

£ 349 

1/2 a year course includes:

  • 1 PT session a month
  • 1 Training Program a month
  • FREE food plans
  • FREE nutrition coaching
  • FREE 30 days of fast fat loss
  • FREE bootcamp membership till summer!!!

Are you ready to make big changes to get big results? Would you like to educate yourself on the best exercises and best meals for continuous weight loss year after year. The NEW YEAR NEW YOU BEAST is a 1/2 a year personal training tuition course. You receive 1  Personal Training session a month, 1 training program a month, half a year FREE boot camp, FREE 6 month nutrition coaching, FREE 30 days of FAST FAT LOSS course. Clients have transformed there lives with this 6 month course. Its a perfect way to help keep you motivate all the way to summer! This course is £349. 


New Year New You BootCamp

£ 80 


Discounted price for the New Year Bootcamp beginning 2nd January. Train 3 times a week for  12 weeks.

Sessions are Tuesdays, Thursdays 7-8pm at University Academy Warrington and FREE Sunday  Session 5-6pm 

FREE nutrition and meal plans to follow

FREE home workouts

Stocking Filler... NXT Nuclear Burn Fat Loss

£ 20 

Best Fat Loss/ Pre workout supplement on the market

All herbal ingredients to have your losing weight fast. 

Can collect and pay in person for only £20

Or with Delivery £25