Eat Slim be Merry Guide

£ 5 

Meal Plan and Recipes to help get you through the festive season.

Easy to make meals that the whole family can enjoy.

Home workouts to keep you active and burining calories without evening leaving the house.

Look and feel great for those Christmas and New Year Parties! 

Christmas is just around the corner and there will be lots of Temptations over the

festive season, it’s really easy to fall off the wagon and can be incredibly difficult to

get back on it. 


Did you know that most people gain around 10lbs of extra weight over the Christmas

and New Year period? That’s nearly a stone of unwanted body fat that you will need

to shift in the New Year!!


Fear not as Rae of Fitness Meal and Exercise Xmas guide will help you through the

festive minefield with tasty recipes and top tips to help you limit the damage. Fail to

Plan,.Prepare To Fail! 


Planning is key to ensure that you won’t be struggling to get your jeans done up

come the new year, no one likes that Christmas Pudding feeling!!

It’s vital you stay hydrated throughout the party season, so drink around 1 litre of

water per 50lbs in body weight and increase this if you have had a few drinks on a

social event.


 This guide includes a 10 day meal planner with

special meals and recipes for those special days. Recipes can be found at the end of

the book. 

It also provides you with 5 training programs that you can do at home or your gym.

These are to be done as 1 day training , 1 day rest, 1 day training, 1 day rest and so

on for the all 10 days. You can then use these training programs in the new year 

to help give you some training focus.