Have you enjoyed Christmas a little too much?

Feeling down about your weight?

Things starting to wobble a bit more than usual? 

Are your clothes feeling uncomfortably tight? 

 The hardest part is getting started, imagine: 

  • Opening your wardrobe and being able to choose any clothes you want and digging out those  SMALLER SIZES!……………………………………………………………………………
  • Walking to the work looking & feeling comfortable and CONFIDENT during your day!………………………………
  • Getting ready for a night out not knowing what you are going to wear NOT because nothing fits BUT because you have SIX different outfits to choose from that all fit perfectly and you feel slim and glamorous in!………………………………………………….
  • Waking up every morning feeling fitter, stronger, healthier, full of energy and  PROUD OF YOUR BODY!!!

Well fear not Rae of Fitness Boot Camp has been running for over 5 years and it incorporates some of the best fat loss classes around.  

With a mixture of Insanity, Metafit, Kettlercise and Boxercise our sessions are fun and can be suitable for those new to exercise or who have injuries.

Course Content:

3 Sessions a Week for 6 Weeks
Weekly Weigh Ins, Measurements every month

*Additional Workshop Focus Online*

Week 1-4 Focuses on Nutrition Start with our popular 7 Day Detox and kickstart your weight loss learn how to calculate how many calories you should eat, macro guidance for maximum results, learn carb recycling and how to avoid sugar cravings during menstrual cycles, de-bloat your belly with cutting out intolerance

Week 5-8 Focuses on delicious quick recipes that the whole family enjoy, recipes that can help boost your metabolism, recipes low in sugar to get rid of cravings by reducing sugar, food plans that you can easily follow and create to achieve a good balance diet to help you continue with weight loss.

Week 8-12 Focuses on different exercise method to focus on burning belly and leg fat, secrets on how to achieve a bikini bum, reducing cellulite, toning and lifting the bum, giving a fantastic shape that will look good in any bikini. Our Hardcore Abs and Core program can be used time and time again to help define abs, flatten the stomach and reduce inches around the waist line.

Sessions include the best fat burning and body toning classes around scientifically proven to burn more fat than any other form of exercise, calorie burning can last up to 48 hours after, these classes hit the whole body increasing your metabolic rate and toning every inch of your body we have Boxercise, Metafit, Insanity, Kettlercise and much more!

Tuesdays 7-8pm University Academy Warrington (Boxercise and Upper Body/Core)
Thursdays 7-8pm University Academy Warrington (Lower body)
Sundays 5-6pm Run Club Cheshire Martial Arts Centre (Boxercise to be confirmed)

Time to Change Boot Camp

£ 80 

BootCamp Special Offer (new members only)

pre book as limited places apply

Train 3 times a week for 12 weeks training 

(Tuesday, Thursdays, Sundays )

Weekly weigh ins and guarenteed results when following our simple and easy to follow nutrition guidance

30 Days of Extreme Fast Fat Loss

£ 30 


Buy Now to Recieve Your Member Set Up Pack and to Secure Your Place

Bootcamp Sessions for 30 days

Weekly weigh ins

Recipe book and nutrition coaching

Two times a week training


Kirsty lost A STONE in our last course and has now gone on to lose more

John lost over A STONE in when he followed our 30 Days of Fast Fat Loss food plan  with no change to his activity levels! 

My members can lose a stone within this time when following the nutrition so that they get the best results possible with prices as little as £30 for 3 sessions a week thats as little as £1 a day: 


·         Weekly weigh ins, food diary checks and training schedules

·         Home training programs to help burn 1000s of calories 

·         A fun training session that has you enjoying exercising

·         Recipes that doesn’t involve an endless list of rabbit food

·         Laughs and banter to lighten the mood for when you have had a bad day

We have had proven success with weight loss and reduction of size with our members, expect to feel your clothes fitting comfortably then falling off, start to notice your strength improve and muscles to show, you can also view my website for peoples reviews and results. Many members worry about being the most unfit or the most overweight member but those clients are usually the ones that come off with the biggest weight loss results!! You could be next!

Well fear not Fast Fat Loss BootCamp​ is here to help, stop thinking about change and start making change today.We will help you to spring clean your diet with our meal plans that are easy to follow, delicious so that all the family can enjoy and wont results in you spending hours in the kitchen. It will allow you to get your body back how it should be and not only that but if you stay with us you can expect to get in to the best shape of your life. Think how nice it would be to have people complement you on your weight loss in a matter of weeks. 

Insall Rd
Warrington, Cheshire WA2 0LN

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Do you want to lose up to a stone in weight, tone those wobbly bits and feel better in your clothes?

Facebook Feedback 

Rachael Thomson LOVE bootcamp and the bootcamp family. Every word of Nics is true. I wouldn't achieve half as much as I do without you all. Im now 2 Stone lighter, the help and support helps me to stay on track. You're all inspirational Xxxx

14 May at 17:38 · Unlike · 4

For anyone undecided whether to sign up for this bootcamp-my transformation (over a year!!!) is due to meeting the most amazing PT and all the support and encouragement that comes from a group exercise class! Go for it people you definitely won't regret it!! Im now 4 Stone lighter and still couting. Xxxx 

I have lost over a stone in weight since starting bootcamp. I never thought I would enjoy exercise so much!!! It's hard work but the results are fantastic!!
I would recommend Nic as a trainer to anyone. Her bootcamps are very challenging but her support and knowledge in training and nutrition means you will achieve more than you thought you could. I lost a stone in my first course and have never felt so good. Also, the bootcamp team are so friendly and supportive that every session is fun and very addictive.

Tracy Beckingson
30 August near Padgate
I started Nic’s bootcamp in January weighing 10st 7lbs and a size 12. I went twice a week and followed her clean eating plan. In the first 6 week course I dropped 1stone and 4 inches. 5 months on I am nearly 2stone lighter and a size 8. I have been a gym goer for over 10 years and tried every diet out there but have never managed to achieve anywhere near what I have. 


Limited places apply! Please note once your place is booked no refund will be given as we take your payment as commitment to the course. If your unsure whether bootcamp is for you please send over your queries using or online form. Send your email  and you will receive an information pack or call 07930246448 for more details.  

All results are from past and present members of Fat Loss BootCamps.  

Whats this??!!!!! do the scales decieve me?? are they broke??!!... looks like i have lost more weight this week, only a few pound but im down to a whole figure... right lets do this .. shift the next stone and it starts tonight!! Nic Rae Of-Fitness exited !! xx

Katie Shaw
Really pleased with how well my fitness has progressed doing bootcamp with Nic Rae Of-Fitness and the bootcamp gang!!! Ive now lost my baby weight and more, I can see muscles in places I never knew existed and with each session being challengong but fun I look forward ot seeing what is in store. 

The start of my 3rd bootcamp tonight sooooo excited , I have lost just over a stone up to know feeling great and loving the BC family ,only this 1 then another 1 and a 1/2 boot camps till my hols so #onittillivomit springs to mind#nopainnogain 
thanks to
 — with Nic Rae Of-Fitness.

Best 5 weeks ever thanks to Nic Rae Of-Fitness. 5 weeks of bootcamp and healthy eating and I've lost 8 pounds, 1 inch off my waist and an inch and half off my hips. And feel like I have more energy than ever, haven't felt tired half way through the day like I always used to.
where near this level of fitness.
Samantha Riley
12 August near Padgate
Just finsihed my 6 week bootcamp course an im a stone and 2lbs lighter. I was so worried about joining thinking I was going ot be the fattest and unfittest thier but with everyone making me feel welcome and encouraging me along the way I now cant imagine life without bootcamp. 

Lynsey Napier I am so glad I joined the bootcamp family over a year ago, I am so much fitter and slimmer. I have met some really amazing and inspirational friends x x I couldn't have done it without the support from Nic and my extended family x 


Drew ✫ Perkins I'm amazed at the increase in fitness level within the first 6 week block then dropping 9lbs in weight and increasing lean muscle as the weeks go on!! this time last year was a totally different story, lost what to do in the gym, not really taking it seriously and generally not enjoying it.....now im excited for bootcamp and boxing and the stupid races youve all got me involved in!!