Abs 6 month training program course £15. For the first time in your life get 6 pack abs or a flat toned tum. Perfect for your holidays!

Do you want six pack Abs or a flat toned tummy? 

Do you find it hard losing fat around your belly?

 Find training your Abs boring or don't know what exercises you can do? 

Lifting heavy weights but don't do any core exercises to help strengthen the muscles of the spine that allow you to lift such heavy weight? 

If this applies to you then book on to this Hardcore Abs and Core course. A ebook  training program will be sent to you, you can then create a folder of ab exercises for you to use again and again. 

Courses are tailored for beginners, intermediate and advanced exercises with easier and harder options available. 

You follow this course in your own time  at home or your gym this includes a 1 hour  PT sessions to go though the proram and includes nutriton plan.  

Hardcore Abs and Core Course

£ 15 

A 6 month course to help you feel Abtastic! You will recieve a ebook with 6 training programs for you to follow and online support,