This plan guides you on the best and tastiest smoothies, super food salads and belly warming soups to have you losing an incredible amount of weight. This is a pure detox plan forget spending large amounts of money on chemically produced detox plans use this to have your own! Works better than juice plus and Clean9 detox as its all natural. 

Why Lean Green Detox?

 The fat burning gives u a metabolic kick to breakdown fat

 Packed with unique vitamin and mineral mix to energise and revive

 The Fruity Combo with anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties

 5 Enzymes to help your body Absorb Fats, Sugar and Starch

How to use this plan?

Firstly ensure you have no prior health or dietary requires before following a detox plan. If in doubt contact a medical professional.

If you wish to do the budget lean greens plan simply choose 3 breakfast, 3 lunches and 3 dinners. Then simply batch make. Put small portions in to freezable tubs

and simply defrost the day before you intend to use it. Fresh is always best but it is also very costly. Farmers markets can be cheaper however frozen can taste great in smooties and can also used for soups and dinners! Plus reduces wastage.

10 reasons why to go green...

1. All you need is a blender and an open mind. The great thing about green smoothies is that it doesn’t require much to get start- ed. (You could invest in a Vitamix for silky-smooth shakes, but that’s totally option- al.) My biggest suggestion is to give green smoothies a try before you get a better blender. That way you’ll be convinced of their effectiveness. 

2. Green Smoothies are quick to make. If you’re in a rush you can get a green smoothie ready and blended in less than 13 minutes. You can just blend and go while you drink the green smoothie on the run. You could even make a green smoothie ahead of time. Then store half of it in the refrigerator using a glass mason jar and it will still taste great one day later. 

3. You get a steady stream of energy. (No crashing!) You won’t experience the up-and-down spikes that you might from an all fruit smoothie when you make it a green one. That’s because the fiber rich greens slow down the absorption of fruit sugars, providing you with just the right amount of en- ergy and nutrition at a pace that your body really loves. 

4. Green smoothies can be enjoyed year round. When your garden is overflowing with greens, just whip up a couple of batches of green smoothies and enjoy these inexpensive nutritional drinks. You can also bene- fit from green smoothies in the winter, by using frozen fruits and greens that you might have preserved from the summer. Green smoothies provide you with a lot of options all year round. 

5. Green smoothies are ideal for weight loss. Whenever you feel a craving coming on, make yourself a green smoothie instead of indulging your craving. (If you’re having a lot of trouble with cravings, consid- er hiring me to do a Magick Power Session and we’ll eliminate them together.) Green smoothies give you the flexibility to create your own recipes, but they’re also a great way to use up leftovers.  

 (c) Rae of Fitness Lean Green Detox 7  

6. Greens are the most Under-appreciated Superfoods. We all know green tea is great as an antioxidant. What is green tea made of, if it’s not greens? Skip the middleman and just increase your intake of greens. Green leafy veggies are great because they have tons of cancer fighting properties, immune system boosting vitamins and minerals. Upping green leaf intake has been shown to reduce heart disease and prevent other degenerative diseases. That’s what I call super. To find out more about greens, get my free special report. 

7. Satisfy every taste bud. If you have a sweet tooth you’ll enjoy making green smoothies with lots of fruit. If you want something a little edgier, you can add some Raw Chocolate powder and make it a nutritiously devious dessert. If you want to replace a meal, you can make savory green smoothies using ingredients like tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, and even spices to make it a satisfying hearty meal.  

Fancy a bowl of a witch’s green magick goop? 

8. Get your daily portion of fruit and vegetables. One green smoothie probably contains more fruits and vegetables than most aver- age Americans eat in a day. It’s one of the easiest ways of increasing your fruit and veggie intake. Plus you don’t need to carry an easily bruised banana around. 

9. Chock full of amino acids. If you’re worried that you’re not getting enough protein, increase your green smoothie intake. The more greens you eat, the more amino acids that you provide your body with. Your body uses these amino acids to produce protein.  

10.  Green smoothies are chimney sweepers for your body. Over time, food that doesn’t get digested properly can get stuck in your system and become a burden on your elimination organs. Green smoothies act as a chimney sweeping brush to flush out all that toxic waste. The more green smoothies you drink, the cleaner your bowels will become, and the better your elimination. If you want to feel great, make it easy for your body to take the trash out. Oh, and that helps with releasing weight too!  

Lean Green Detox

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Feel great and kick start your weight loss and healthy eating for 2014. buy now and recieve your plan within 24 hours.