A 1 month nutrition coaching course... this course can have you lose up to a stone in one month without exercising. You can buy this product below and I will send you over a consultation pack to get you started. 


Nutrition coaching brings numerous benefits including weight loss, increased physical and mental wellness, increased confidence and self esteem, better sleep and reduced stress and anxiety to name a few.

No calorie counting, no fad diets, just a complete change in your attitude to food and lifestyle. All you need is access to the internet and I can be with you each day helping you through your change. 

You can have foods you enjoy and feel good about eating them.

You control your diet, your diet does not control you!  

Whats included:

  • Online consultation
  • Food diary analysis and recommendations
  • FREE detox plan and recipe books
  • 4 weekly food plans 
  • 4 Weeks off online daily stats, feedback and food diary checks
  • Nutrition online coaching including information on: caffeine alcohol and weight loss, sweeteners and additives, carbs, protein and many other informative documents that will help you make better choices with your eating 
  • Weight loss guarenteed if you follow the program 

Nutrition coaching 1 month course

£ 40 

This one month course has had great success with my clients in the past. It works well alongside personal training but can also have good effects on its own. 


 Real people, real results.

 Amy Hale lost over a stone in only a month. Her weight loss has continued and she has now lost nearly 3 stone. 

" Nicola's nutrition course has changed my life completely. I never new how bad my diet coke drinks or tinned soups could be. She didnt have me eating rabbit food or plain food, instead they were tasty nutritious lunches and dinners that have allowed me to lose weight and feel a 100% better" 

Peter Kingston lost over a stone in 8 weeks. He achieved this with no exercise. 

" Writing out a food diary was enough to make me realise I needed to make some changes. I had a really bad habit of not really eating breakfast, eating to much when getting home from work, late at night and before bed. It would often be bad food choices too. By following Nicola's food plans I did not need to go hungry but instead found I was eating less but feeling much better for it. I was no longer sluggish or bloated. It also helped me to stop snoring which my wife was very pleased about!"