A Personal Trainer is there to guide, educate, support and motivate you. 

Your actual success is down to you, your determination, how hard you train and push yourself. 

Services provided:
  • 1-1 training sessions for maximum results
  • Training Programs
  • Nutrition guidance and food plans
  • Specialised courses to reduce costs and to suit your needs
  • Bridesmaid packages
  • Pre and Postnatal training
  • Pre holiday packages
  • Exercise for those with injuries and bad backs
  • Exercise for the older clients
  • Resistance and weight training

 Rae of Fitness is a specialist in fat loss, my training will help you reduce your body fat and replace it with lean muscle. This will speed up your metabolism meaning you will find it easier to carry on loosing weight and to keep it off. 

We also provide Boot Camp training for those who want to lose fat fast. 


Training Programs

Individual sessions

Monthly price plan to train once, twice or three times a week

12 week courses to train once, twice or three times a week

1/2  year tuition 1 Training Program and 1 PT session per month for 6 months