6 Week Workshop

£ 40 

Small group personal training located at Pure Gym North 11am

6 Workshops
INJURY PREVENTION, rehabilitation, for back, shoulder, neck, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle.
STRENGTHEN core muscles, legs and arms to reduce pain and get toned abs and core to look and feel good in your summer clothes
FLEXIBILITY and conditioning work to reduce joint pain caused by tightness, benefits for sports and events

You may well have heard about the benefits of Pilates without really understanding what is involved. Pilates is used to improve your core strength (key in protecting the spine), and to remove imbalances within the body which may predispose you to injury.

At Rae of Fitness Pilates is only taught by a qualified Pilates Instructor who really understand each individual client’s body, and Pilates teachers specifically trained in injury rehabilitation to ensure a safe and effective programme.Each session will be followed up with email worksheets of the exercises for you to do at home.

Do you want a flat toned tummy?

Perhaps you want a slimmer waist line?

Do you have back, hip, knee or neck pain? 

Arthritis or struggle sleeping at night?

 Then Pilates can help to reduce these symptoms within a couple of weeks.

Home Training Program £5

A Pilates training program can help you to progress though the Pilates exercises in your own time and even your own home.

Each training program includes 6 exercises. 3 for each area of your torso- front, side and back. Each exercise has a detailed description, image and easier and harder options.This program also includes relevant warm ups and stretches.   

With  qualified and insured trainer on hand 24/7 if you need any help or questions   

Pilates Home Course

£ 5 

6 Month Home Course



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The 10 benefits of Pilates:

  1. Increase strength and endurance in your core, abdominals, legs and arms
  2. Reduce aches and pains (lower back pain and arthritis)
  3. Improve flexibility, balance and co-ordination
  4. Better posture reduced tension around joints
  5. Post Pregnancy- Diastasis and Prolapses
  6. Pre Pregnancy- Preparation for labour
  7. Promote weight loss and lean muscle
  8. Help you to get a leaner and flat tummy
  9. Tone your arms and bum
  10. Boost you immune system


 Client testimonial s

"Nic's Pilates course is brilliant, I not only toned and strengthened my tummy since giving birth to two children had considerably weakened them but now my back pain is also reduced, for the first time ever I can feel muscles around my core! I no longer struggle in classes and can take on even some of the more challenging and advanced exercises. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in Pilates! " Joan Taylor

"Having suffering from lower back and neck pain since a car accident 3 years agoI decided  wanted to do something other than popping pills to help with the pain. After 4 weeks of Pilates my pain was significantly reduced, now after having doing the 6 month course I have no pain at all in my lower back and neck. Not only that I can see and feel muscle around my tummy!" Liz McHugh

"After having my child I was left with a prolapsed uterous, my daily life and exercise was greatly effected. With surgery being a last resort I wanted to see if Pialtes could help as recommended by the doctor. Upon meeting Nicola I felt she sypmthaised with my condition and has helped me to manage it through Pilates. I now feel a lot more confident that surgery is no longer needed, I now know what my core muscles are and how I need to hold them in order to keep my health and well being at a satisfactory level." Sophie Robinson