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With so many clients that have done incredibly well with their weight loss, strength gains and who have made fantastic changes to their lifestyle it was hard to choose whose testimonials to put forward. I have had huge success with people whether it be during my bootcamps, training programs or personal training sessions. …Why stay feeling unhappy with your body you could be next!

Rosie Peplow Lost 4 Stone. 

Nic helped me begin my weigh loss journey when I weighted 16.5 stone. Nic not only supports you with challenging yet fun exercise she also supports you with nutritional advice and dietary plans. Being weighted every six weeks helps you to aim towards a goal and seeing Nic once, twice or three times a week really keeps you on track.  Each session follows a familiar layout but exercises vary from week to week which keeps it interesting. She is always available Aon the end of the phone for advice or support or help if you hit a bad day... Which we all have!

Michelle Reeve lost over a stone and 15 inches for her wedding.
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping me feel amazing on my wedding day. You have ignited a passion in me for working out, our PT weight training sessions have given me the confidence to train in the ‘boys section’ of the gym and the Boxercise boot camps are so much fun (but you know you’ve worked out hard). Training has became part of my life and I intend to carry on with post wedding, I have been working out to your programs while away and was even in the hotel gym the morning of my wedding 👰💪. I have seen some of the pictures friends have took and thought look how good my arms look 😂😂. I couldn’t have done it without you x
Elaine, Post Natal Client  Lost over a Stone 
“I have been training with Nic for over a year now and I can honestly say it has been a life changing process. I have 3 kids under 7 and I had my last 3 years ago. At that point, I had put on a stone and a half in weight and was completely out of shape. I had done a lot of running pre babies but struggled to shift the weight afterwards. With Nic’s help and support, I have lost all the baby weight and am back to my wedding dress size which feels great. Even more important though, I feel fitter and stronger than I’ve probably ever done. I’m happy and confident to go to the gym 3 times weekly and because of Nic’s instruction and training, I enjoy some cardio, weights and lots of strength and conditioning. Nic has been a super supportive PT even when I have had bad weeks or lazy weeks. She doesn’t judge and always manages to inspire me to keep going. I would like to lose another half a stone and aim to do Total Warrior next year and I would recommend Nic to anyone as a PT. Investing in myself and my health by training with Nic has been fantastic and has changed by body (although I’m not at goal yet) and how I approach fitness and exercise long term. “

 Rachael Dickenson, wedding package client lost 2 stone before her wedding in just 5 months. 

"I stumbled across Nic quite by accident and booked a months worth of PT sessions immediately. It was the best accident that ever happened to me. She helped me turn my life around, lose 2 stone and 5" in just 5 months in time for my wedding back in September. More than just that though, I've made a whole bunch of brilliant friends in Nics bootcamps, completed a 7km obstacle race and we are now all looking at our next target for 2014. I couldn't recommend Nic enough, her support is amazing and I'd never thought I'd hear myself say this, I absolutely love training with her and actually look forward to all our sessions. Life has felt so much more positive since I met her."

Jade Forrest has lost 2 Stone  

When me and my mum decided we wanted a Personal Trainer we looked at who took pride in her own health and well being. Nic not only does that but ensures she gives each and every one of her clients the support they need to succeed. Whether it be answering to their concerns during the week or helping them to keep on track with thier training schedule. Im so proud at what I have achieved. All thanks to our lovely PTNic Rae Of-Fitness it's been a long process.. over a year! but that's because I'm not as good as Nic would like me to be � I just love my vodka lime and soda  I've finally got the gym bug and I love it thanks again Nic for being so fabulous xxx

Ami lost 2 Stone for her wedding and now has moved on to Strength Training
I have always been a keen gym goer and thought that my diet was reasonably healthy. But, I never seemed to get anywhere or see results.

So, 8 months before my wedding I met Nic booked in some PT sessions with her. Best decision I have ever made!!

We went through every aspect of my diet and I quickly realised that when I thought I was being healthy, I was eating far too much sugar and not eating balanced meals. With Nic’s help and weekly diet feedback I have lost a stone and had a real lifestyle change in terms of what I eat, which is much easier to follow than a diet involving shakes etc. The support Nic has given to me in getting this right, and learning which foods work for me has been invaluable.

Nic also taught me the importance of strength training and showed me that weights don’t make you big and muscly like I thought – they are actually important in achieving weight loss and tone – and I now spend less time in the gym as I have a structured programme and don’t wander round aimlessly wondering what to do next.

I am over the moon with the way I looked on my wedding day, and can now look back at my photos and be really pleased with what I achieved!!!! 

Christine Berry, post natal client 

After 12 months of building up the courage to get a personal trainer, I finally asked Nic to help me get back to my pre-baby body...something I had been trying to do unsuccessfully for 2 years.
Nic has supported me from day one. She took the time to understand my key goals, the kind of exercise I want to do and how to motivate me. Over the last 9 months, my physical and mental fitness has improved dramatically. I am now back to how I was before children - something I thought to be impossible. More importantly though, Nic has made working hard in the gym fun, she continually changes the exercises and pushes me to keep improving all the time. She has also supported me through great nutritional advice and guidance. I now feel fitter, healthier and happier and I can confidently say that is down to the commitment and dedication Nic shows and the fact she genuinely cares about her clients and the individual challenges we each face!

I have also found a true friend...a gift far more valuable than my flat stomach! 

Peter lost 2 Stone, Julie lost 8lbs and stil counting...

"We have been with Nic as our Personal Trainer for over a year, during which time both my wife and myself have achieved many of our fitness goals including a half marathon obstacle race. Nic always finds a way to keep you focused and to push you in your level of fitness in a positive way. We have both found new and more enjoyable ways to keep focused and fit through Nic's coaching and support, we even managed to lose a few stone in weight along the way."   Pete and Julie have since completed the New York Marathon! Well done!

Dave Carson,  3 Stone lighter

“The decision to change my life was an important one and finding a trainer who would help me physically and mentally was a big undertaking, I struck lucky! Nics fun but functional approach to exercise was just what I needed.  With Nics help I’ve gone from Spud to Spartan.”

Dave has now continued his fitness journey on his own, he races for a young boy who has special needs and competes in over 10 races and events in the year. 

Helen 3 Stone lighter and still counting
When I started with Nic doing personal training I felt so ashamed of my size and weight and was seriously lacking in confidence. From my first meeting with Nic I felt a boost and had her voice in my head reminding me thats what I wanted was achievable with hard work and a lifestyle change. I followed all advice given to me by Nic and tried as best as I could to be very good with my diet and exercise (with the occasional treat day of course). I had a few pre-existing injuries that I felt may hold me back bit Nic helped me to condition those areas of weakness and to make me feel strong and capable both physically and mentally. Nic has taught me to do things I never imagined possible and now I can run 5km, lift weights and do pilates not to mention the bootcamps which are great fun between boxercise and the hiit training. What I love about working with Nic is its not just about the weightloss she teaches you how to care for your body, how to become healthy, toned and fit and how to look after your body nutritionally too. I now enjoy eating foods I never would of even tried without her encouragement.  Nic also makes your journey fun through inviting you into her fitness family. Everyone at the bootcamps and running are so friendly, caring and welcoming and a great laugh. They all help you to feel motivated and encouraged. I wouldn't have that kind of support and encouragement if it wasn't for Nic. 
So here I am after 12 weeks PT and bootcamps, 38lbs lighter and have shed 38 inches.  I look good and feel fantastic. I cannot wait to start my next round of pt and I know that I will achieve so much more. Thank you Nic Rae you're awesome! 

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