No sugar for 7 days and drop 7lbs! No dieting, no difficult recipes to make or costly shopping, no recipe hunting, boring or bland foods. Just a easy to follow guide to educate you on how you can cut sugar out of your life just like the celebs such as Gweneth Paltrow and bring yourself numerous health benefits as well as seeing weight loss straight away. All guided by a professional nutritionist that will keep an eye on your food diaries daily via an online app. 


My story 


"Hello my names Nicola and I'm a sugar addict, when I’m good I’m good but soon as I have a tiny piece of that sweet treat on my lips I fall off the wagon for a good few days. I could quite easily eat a whole bar of chocolate (and I’m talking king size) and still want more after, my appetite after having a high on the white powder results in me having an increased appetite, energy slumps, mood swings and of course feeling fat not just for the next hour or so but you’re talking a good few days before I give myself a slap in the face to get back on track. That’s exactly what’s happened to me in the last week. I started my birthday celebrations with a bottle of Prosecco putting up my tent (which is packed with sugar and calories) then indulged in afternoon tea need I say anymore, before having a campfire finished off with Thornton’s and lindt chocolate bought for me from my fiancé. The results... mega sweats through the night, stomach cramps, nausea and a headache. Needles today that didn’t stop me having birthday cake with cream, hot chocolates and marshmallows the following day and week if I’m totally honest! The next few days followed with waking up with a headache feeling tired and a little bit grumpy. To make myself feel better I indulged on high carb foods and a handful of chocolate. Terrible I know but one week of this and I know I have to change my ways and trust me when I put my mind to it I can do anything, just like you. "


The Facts


Some scientists believe sugar is a worse drug than alcohol and tobacco, not only does it have the negative effects on appetite, energy and mood, which I want to remind you are a big factor when wanting weight loss, but also increases teeth problems, diabetes, cancer, organ disease anther obesity related diseases. Sugar begins to rot away at not only your teeth but your internal organs too, you may be surprised that fructose (one that is very likely to be added in to your low fat foods) to fatty liver disease, to appetite stimulation, and to gout, diabetes, memory loss as there is links to alzheimer's and, of course, obesity. After reading numerous books on the sweet poison I was shocked to learn how many of our organs sugar systematically destroys without symptoms until it is too late. First the liver, then the pancreas, then the kidneys, and ultimately the heart.


Now I am not just talking about eating food that have added sugar, many of our supposedly healthy foods contain sugar but its cleverly disguised as another ingredient:








Corn syrup









The list is endless!! 

Im looking at reducing your sugar intake form 90g to 20g with that the results are amazing. For only £7 this course is a bargain 7 days of nutrition coaching and monitoring is included this usually costs £15 so grab a bargain while you can and get a professional nutritionalist to help you through the detox. 

7 Day Sugar Detox Program

£ 7 


  • A guide on how to cut sugar out of your life
  • Facts on why we should have a low sugar diet
  • Sugars the good and the poison
  • Low fat foods making you fat 
  • 7 different breakfast, lunches and dinner recipes 
  • 7 day food planner
  • Private facebook page with daily help and advice
  • Online daily checks on what your are eating and when 
  • A guide that will educate you on how to shed the pounds without exercise
  • Get educated on how to break the habit and look and feel great not just for the 7 days bt time and time again


Results just after 7 days:

Susan Wheeler 4lb for me Nic . Made up with that I am going to carry on but I really miss fruit so I will add a piece a day  xx

27 August at 07:03 · Unlike · 2

Lara Cannavan Well I've lost very nearly 4lb and hit a target I'd set for mid September!!! (I try to be realistic ) so to achieve that in a week is amazing especially as I struggle with childcare and a wrist injury so my exercising is limited at the mo! Thanks Nic! X I miss fruit too. That's been hard x

27 August at 08:26 · Like · 2

Laura Magee I'm made up with it!!! 5lbs off which takes my total weight loss since last April to 4.5 stones!!!! Feeling frickin amazing to say the least! Was well shocked when one of the other PT's in the gym told me how great I looked today and congratulated me on my achievements!! Couldn't have done any of it withoutNic 's amazing expert guidance and everyone's support xxx

27 August at 09:29 · Like · 4

Nic Torris 5lbs and 1.2% body fat (which in a week is pretty good i reckon!) Thanks Nic xx

27 August at 09:37 · Unlike · 3

Lynsey Napier 4lbs for me, which is really great, and this is the first detox I have stuck to with no cheats at all, I'm going to carry it on for longer x I've not have highs and lows like I would normally have, and really don't want to fall back into the sugar rush habit. Apart from my stomach feeling a bit bloated, I'm feeling great. Thanks for everyone's help and support these last 7 days and thanks most of all to Nic x x

  *Lynsey has now lost nearly a stone on this plan well done!