Get fitter, healthier and stronger

We all lead busy lives and it's hard to find time for ourselves but have you ever wondered what you can achieve in just 10 minutes... What if we told you that you could get fitter, healthier and stronger?

Simple. Energetic Routines.

At Tonein10 we offer a personalised service that helps you as an individual achieve your health and fitness goals. We are passionate about what we do and we want you to feel the same way! Workouts should be enjoyable and your meals should be tasty!

Say goodbye to gym memberships you don't use, healthy food that stays in the cupboard and exercise equipment that collects dust!!

Join Tonein10. We guarantee you will wake up determined, go to bed satisfied...and it will only take you 10 minutes!

Be Fitter. Healthier. Stronger. 

10 Minute Workouts   

Focussing on the major muscle groups in your arms, legs and core and not forgetting CV, you will receive 4 tailored workouts a month plus weekly progress checks and feedback. No equipment required, just you, a little space and your computer/TV/iPad to follow the workout through Youtube.

From as little as £10 a month.

Nutrition Coaching

We will calculate your optimum macronutrient balance and provide weekly advice and tips on how you can make healthier food choices whilst still having the odd treat. You will use MyFitnessPal to input your diary.

From as little as £10 a month.

Recipe Ebook 

We have developed an easy to follow recipe book to support you in your training and food diary coaching. These simple recipes are healthy, tasty and quick to prep and cook with everyday ingredients

Only £5 for 10 simple breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas. 

Tone in 10 Workouts

£ 10 

Monthly Subscription with 1-2-1 support 4 Ten minute Videos tailored to your abilities

1 Cardio

1 Leg

1 Arm

1 Core 

No equipment needed 


Tone in 10 Recipe Book

£ 5 

Simple recipes to follow for super tasty meals the whole family can enjoy

10 Breakfast

10 Lunch

10 Dinner


Summer Special Offer

£ 20 

3 Month Program for the price of 2!

4 Personlised Workouts each month

Weekly 1-2-1 support to ensure you are on track


Tone in 10 Nutrition

£ 10 

One month Nutrition Coaching with weekly feedback

Includes Calorie and Macro Set Up

Adapted to suit each individual for their goals and needs

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“I have loved doing my tonein10 videos. I was getting really frustrated as I just didn’t have time for the gym and when I did go I didn’t really know how to get the best out of my sessions. This programme was tailored to my needs and I found it challenging. The team were so supportive too, motivating and encouraging me each step of the way. I never thought I could get such a good workout in 10 minutes!”.


“Tone in 10 have not only provided excellent exercise and dietary advice, they have been an amazing support network that has helped boost my confidence during times when my motivation has slipped. They have showed me that a happy, healthier and fitter me is within my reach”.