Do you want to get some results at the gym but cant afford personal training?

Finding your gym routine boring and not effective?

Need to get motivated and want some advice on how to get what you want our of your training program?

Then why not book in for a training program. From only £30 you can recieve the help and support from an advanced personal trainer. With the £30 you will also recieve a weigh in, body composition checks and fitness assesments, if you wish. I will then go through your program with you and ensure you are comfortable and understand why I have prescribed you the particular exercise program.

I have many clients that just book in for a training program, they still get great results from inches of thier waste to increasing their strenght and toning up. I will keep in touch with you and check how you are getting on throughout the 6 weeks. Then on your next program you will see how you have progressed and soon be on your way to reching your goals.

 If you are not a member of a gym I can also create a training program for you at home. All of the above is also still included. Depending on your location price may be cheaper or slighlty more to cover petrol costs.

Go to the contact me page if you wish to book in.